Ancient World Web
A compendium of Internet sites considering the Ancient World.
Araneola (Luxembourg)
Entry-way into Classical web sites. (Français)
Archimedia: Architecture in Ancient and Classical Art
Architecture in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece.
Argos: A Search Engine for the Ancient and Medieval Worlds
Search engine dedicated to the ancient and medieval portions of the internet.
Classical Authors On-Line
A running index by John R. Lenz
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Michigan Gateway , WWW pages of interest to classicists.
Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua
Medicina Antiqua , a resource for the study of medicine and medical in the Greco-Roman world.
The Ancient City of Athens
Athens: A photographic archive of the archaeological & architectural remains of ancient Athens.

Cicero's Home Page
Classics Eirann
The aim of Classics Eireann is to give a view of Classics in Ireland.
Classics Resources in Germany (Erlangen)
Klassische Philologie (Classical Philology)
Alte Geschichte (Ancient History)

          Internet resources for classics and ancient history from the German speaking world.
Greek Mythology Links
Links and information .

Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Copy-right free images of Greece and Roman Italy by Leo C. Curran
Ovid Bibliography
Recent bibliography on Ovid, 1990- present, by Sean Redmond.
Ovid: Onomasticon to the Metamorphoses
For North America
For Europe
The Perseus Project

Information on the Perseus Project; English translations and Greek texts of most literary texts through 300 BCE.
D. Anthony Storm's Web Site on Plato
Plato: Commentary, bibliography, etc.

On-line resources for Classics (located in Germany)
The Pompeii Forum Project
Pompeii , documentation of the site, data analysis, and study of Pompeii's urban history.
Rassegna delle risorse elettroniche per lo studio dell'Antichità classica
Rassegna , descriptions of resources for Classics.
Roman Law Resources
Roman Law, byE.Metzger (University of Aberdeen, Scotland)
Ross Scaife's Incredible Search Tool
Search various dictionaries and/or databases on-line.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
Gopher to TLG
Http to TLG
Thesaurus Linguae Latinae
Consortium for Latin Lexicography , Thesaurus Linguae Latinae.
Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity
Gideon Bohak's on-line exhibiition on ancient magic.

The Saskatoon Repository of The International Papyrological Photographic Archive
Archive by the Department of Classics, University of Saskatchewan.

Vatican Exhibit: Rome Reborn



Bibliotheca Augustana
Latin Texts
Bibliotheca Latina
A storehouse of Latin texts
a hyperlinked version of the complete works (Latin)
The Panegyric
The Eris Project
Eris , intended to produce translated electronic versions of major works of literature.
The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook at Fordham University
The Labyrinth Latin Bookcase
Armarium Labyrinthi , classical,liturgical and medieval texts
The Latin Library (Ad Fontes Academy)
Latin authors in Latin, on-line

The Libellus Project
Formatted Latin texts from Project Libellus
Libellus Project
The On-Line Medieval and Classical Library
OMACL , the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization
The Oxford Text Archive
Oxford Archive , Greek and Latin texts and a few translations

Plutarch's Lives
15 out of the 24 Greek lives of Plutarch in an abridged and annotated edition.

The Roman Law Project
Roman Law
The Tech Classics Archive
MIT Archive , over 440 translated texts of 50 different Greek and Latin authors

The White Trash Scriptorium
HTTP versions of annotated Latin texts

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