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Swedish Literature

Project Runeberg
Language bank of Swedish
Telnet connection to a concordance program. Texts available include novels and the national edition of Strindberg. Possible search results include frequency lists, concordance lines, and sections of text.
Projekt Källtext
Html versions of several medieval Swedish texts.
Origo at The Art Bin
An eclectic collection of texts in Swedish (Stiernhielm, Eng, Wallengren) and other languages.

Poetry collections
Splints & Co., Journal of Scandinavian Poetry on the Web
Splints also offers a page of links to other contemporary Scandinavian poetry on the Internet.
sähköiset säkeet / elektrisk vers
Contemporary poetry in Finnish and Swedish.

Individual Authors
C.J.L. Almqvist, Samlade Verk i hypertextversion
Karin Boye Sällskapet
Gunnar Ekelöf-Sällskapet
Selected poetry and prose; a few poems read by Ekelöf.
Poetry and Prose of Maria Gummesson
Selections from travel descriptions
Selma Lagerlöf, Samlade werk

Others literatures

Slovak: Projekt Bernolák (in Slovakia)

Slovenian: Slovenian texts (in Slovenia)

Laurens Jansz. Coster (Dutch literature)

Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár (Hungarian texts)

Croatian: Croatian E-Text Project (at

Czech: Czech National Library Database of Digitized Documents

Bulgarian: Bulgarian Poetry Archive (at Columbia)


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